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We are No.1 not by chance

The Desjoyaux Group would like to thank you for your interest in its technology and would like to provide you a brief history of the company. Jean desjoyaux, originally from the building trade, decided to build a private swimming pool for his children (Jean-Louis,Catherine and Pierre Desjoyaux) in 1966

At that time there was no market for swimming pools and he had to virtually design everything: structure, filtration, finishing, treatment, etc… Once he had built his first pool, several of his friends also wanted to fulfill their dream by building a swimming pool in their garden. This is what promoted Mr. Jean Desjoyaux, in 1968 to set up a company dedicated to building swimming pools.   Between 1968 to 1974, the desjoyaux company built hundreds of pools in reinforced concrete with tilling, sand filter, diatomite, cartridge or electro-physical filtration with or without a peripheral overflow system… However, the most difficult in constructing the swimming pool is the construction time and how to prevent the reinforced concrete from cracking. These have led Mr. Jean Desjoyaux to try our new techniques for pool structures.   In 1974, having tested different structures in gunite, wood, polyethylene, aluminum, polyester, etc. He invented the “Desco Casing” panel. Thanks to permanent quality control provide by the inspection company” Bureau VERITAS”, this casing allows for all pool dimensions to be installed in record construction time and offer a 10 year guarantee. This structure allows for the concrete to be poured in one time, it gives a monolithic concrete structure to the pools and eliminates the risk of cracking.   The lengthy construction time and problems had been solved. There still remained the problem inherent in the filtration parts built into the wall and the hundred of meters of underground pipe work which after one or several years caused numerous leaks that were very difficult to locate and practically impossible to repair. To avoid all these problems, an alternative to the built-in part and pipes had to be found. The reasoning was simple and made complete sense.   Introduction of filtration block- Take the filtration and place it directly on to the walls of the swimming pool. No more pipes, skimmers discharge pipes or spotlight sealed in the walls… no more leaks!

  That was in 1984.   Since then and thanks to the two basic techniques use “Desco structure and Filtration block” Desjoyaux Group had made ground-breaking process in the history of swimming pools.   Desjoyaux group was listed on the Paris Stock market in 1991, has a presented by sole distributors with a total of over 500 showrooms.  

1996,Pierre,Catherine and Jean-Louis Desjoyaux (second generation)   The group is now then world leader, having built more than 200,000 pools in 2008. He has achieved this success not by chance but by listening to his clients’ sincere advice. “Every 30 minutes, somewhere in the world, a Desjoyaux pool is born” Any comment, any question or any suggestion, please contact the DESJOYAUX ASIA Head Office at:

    1800 577 719